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What if I tell you that the most impressive ceramic sports watches in 2019 (so far) is not from Switzerland, Germany or China - or any other expected location for the watch? This exquisite ceramic sports watches is CNC machined and hand finished. The ergonomic curve of this watch is slim and can be worn on mountain bikes with rugged terrain or surfing waves. A 200m waterproof watch and a custom silicone strap for a seamless fit? You will ask, where does it come from? In recent years, Reef Tiger has transformed its sports watch from a traditional stainless steel bezel to a ceramic bezel. The GMT-Master II is the first watch to receive a ceramic bezel, followed by the Submariner watch and the DeepSea Sea Dweller. Many people are shocked by this conversion, and many supporters can use both types of borders. However, Bob's Watches believes that Rolex has made the perfect choice to switch to the ceramic bezel, which we will outline below. A model like the new Reef Tige Daytona 116500 is equipped with a very durable ceramic sports watches. According to Reef Tige, they are scratch-resistant and “almost indestructible”. Rolex said that because of the long life of these frames, they mainly switched. One of the hallmarks of the Rolex watch is how long it lasts, so these new borders add new elements. In addition to durability and longevity, these borders look great. They have a unique sheen that blows away the traditional old borders for many people.

However, like everything else, these borders are not without drawbacks. For one of them, they are more expensive than traditional borders. Although this can be offset by their lifetime. In addition, there are many stories of broken ceramic bezels due to the strong force exerted on them (putting down the watch or hitting something). Still, these are rare and the borders are usually very powerful. In addition, for a variety of reasons, many people prefer the appearance of traditional bezels, while the popular "Pepsi Cola" and "Coca-Cola" GMT bezels have not yet provided ceramics and may never appear. All in all, from a quality point of view, Reef Tige is definitely the right choice for converting its top ceramic sports watches into a ceramic bezel. The new baffle is stronger, more scratch resistant, and more durable than the old baffle, and not only offsets the added cost. Which bezel is more visually appealing is a matter of opinion, but we personally prefer the clean appearance of the ceramic bezel.

ceramic sports watches
ceramic sports watches